COVID-19 VACCINES - Efficacy and Safety

Summary of factual and scientific medical evidence
By Dr Herman J. Edeling

COVID-19: How Can You Possibly Believe Them?

by Gerhard Papenfus / NEASA
10 May 2022

What is the truth about Covid-19 Vaccines

This ebook is for educational purposes, including for teaching, news reporting, criticism and comment.

Studies confirm spike protein mRNA in COVID vaccines alters human DNA within hours after injection


No jab, lower hospitalisations – finds international survey

‘Control Group’ that includes over 300,000 people who have chosen to avoid COVID-19 vaccination, shows participants place minimal burden on health systems
Source:  Alliance for Natural Health

Investigation: The Covid-19 Vaccines cause HIV/AIDS

Here's the evidence

Source:  Sunny Lan

Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV2-mRNA Vaccination

Evidence that vaccination induces a profound impairment in type I interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.

Heart Damage Found in Teens Months After Second Pfizer Shot, Study Shows

A new peer-reviewed study shows more than two-thirds of adolescents with COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis, raising concerns for potential long-term effects and contradicting claims by health officials that the condition is “mild.”

Fetal Deaths Increase by 3,525% Following COVID-19 Vaccines

The thousands of fetal deaths recorded after Covid-19 Vaccines that nobody wants to report and the Facebook is trying hard to censor

Mask Ineffectiveness

How effective can a surgical mask be? Even if the mask layers can capture the large droplets, the virus is small enough to pass through the pores with every breath.

CDC-Funded Study Concludes Most COVID Vaccine Reactions ‘Mild’ Yet VAERS Data Show Thousands of Deaths, Hospitalizations

A study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded most COVID-19 vaccine-related adverse events reported during the first six months after the vaccines were rolled out in the U.S were “mild and short in duration,” but a closer look at the study raises questions.

S.A.'s Covid response just got weirder - Brian Pottinger

28 March 2022

PANDA comments on the proposed amendments to the Disaster Management Act Regulations

30 March 2022

Source: PANDA

Pfizer's own Informed Consent Documents undermine FDA and CDC's Cries of "Safe and Effective"

Pfizer’s own informed consent documents, recently obtained by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), show it discloses potential concerns, including myocarditis, original antigenic sin, and birth defects, while the FDA & CDC whitewash these concerns to declare these products are safe and effective.

Source:  ICAN

Covid-19 Vaccination - Evidence Not Fear

It is uncontroversial that all medicines carry the risk of side-effects. As a society, we therefore make a tradeoff between the seriousness of the disease and the risk that a medicine may do some harm. This is the same thought process behind the COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, inaccurate information about the new COVID-19
vaccines have caused a great deal of misinformation to circulate.

Source:  Evidence Not Fear



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